The Difference Maker or Breaker

We are all imperfect people. And when two imperfect people get married, it makes sense that there are going to be problems along the way. It’s just a fact. There are no perfect relationships or marriages.

But there is one thing that will guarantee that your marriage will last no matter what comes along, and it’s found in one word...


Commitment is the one thing that will keep the two of you together no matter what life throws at you. And I’m not talking about a “well as long as we’re happy together” kind of commitment. That’s not commitment. I’m talking about both of you deciding that if you’re going to have a good marriage, it’s up to the two of you to make it happen, because you’re not giving yourselves any other options.

The best marriages are built on an exclusive and lifelong commitment.

If you are ready to make that kind of commitment, you are ready to say... “It’s you and me, babe. No one else, for the rest of our lives. I’m willing to give up anyone I might meet in the future because I am totally committed to you. And I will stand by you and our marriage in good times and bad times. When life is great and when life is really hard.

Questions from video to think about or discuss:

What kind of commitment have you already made to each other?

Are you ready to make an exclusive, lifelong commitment to the person you’re considering marrying? Why or why not?

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