If You’re Ready, You’ll Be This

Before you’re ready to get engaged and married, you need to be sure that you’re all dated out.

Some people have dated a lot and really enjoy the thrill of the whole “meet and flirt and get to know each other and explore the feelings you might have for each other” thing. It’s an adventure to see that really cute person across the room who also seems to have noticed you. If you’re ready to get married, those days need to be over. Once you’re married, when you make eye contact with someone new at a party, or a bar, or at work, or wherever... you need to be ready to instinctively turn away and tell yourself, “No, I’m done with that.” Is that you?

Other people have dated a lot and are sick and tired of it. They’ve had enough. They’re ready to settle down with one person for the rest of their lives and give up that whole singles dating scene. If that’s you, you’re good to go on this lesson. But beware... there will be people who cross your path in the future that will attract your attention in a way that would have been fun when you were single, but they’ll be off limits when you’re married. Are you willing to give up those future possibilities?

There are also a lot of people who haven’t really dated much. If that’s you, the relationship you are in now may be something new in your life experience. There is no rule that says “you can’t get married until you’ve dated a lot of people.” In fact, if you’ve found the right person without dating a lot, that could be a really good thing. But there’s a warning for you too. Don’t get married simply because you’ve finally found someone. You will also meet others over the years that you may be attracted to, and you don’t want to find yourself thinking, “Man, I wish I had waited.” You also need to decide if you’re done with dating.

Questions from video to think about or discuss:

When you see someone that you are physically or emotionally attracted to, what do you do?

Do you entertain the thought of being with that person, or do you react as if your heart is already taken?

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